Overcoming and Managing Challenging Interpersonal Provider Relationships

As an Allied Healthcare Professional, you likely have had training in how to manage patients with difficult behaviors and are competent to address incredibly challenging issues.  What happens, though, when you have to deal with a difficult provider, you can no longer manage his/her behavior, or it potentially impacts care? 



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Working with Patients Around the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a very challenging time of year for many.  As an Allied Healthcare Professional, you may see patients who are experiencing ongoing issues, and the holidays can add to this...  

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Copy and Paste

Author Beware!

Many Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHPs) now use electronic medical records to document.  This has reduced issues with written documentation, such as orders that cannot be read.  Electronic records, however, certainly have their own set of issues in comparison to written records.  The inability of systems to communicate/merge information from outpatient to inpatient providers, limited fields for entries, and potential for fields being left incomplete/blank are a few of the challenges in documenting electronically. Another issue that emerges when documenting in electronic records versus written records is “copy and paste.” 



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More on Addendums and Corrections...

A few weeks back, we featured a 12-part blog series on documentation.  One segment, Tip #4, asked the question, “Is an Addendum or Correction OK?”  This Tip seemed to spark a lot of interest, so we thought it would be good to expand on this issue a bit more...



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Risk Management Series 2- Treating the College Student: Risk Considerations for Behavioral Health Professionals

Tip #2: Treating via Telebehavioral Health

There are special considerations when engaging in telebehavioral health with patients who are away at college.  Here are a few considerations to keep in mind...

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