For Employed Individuals

I am covered under my employer’s insurance policy. Do I still need my own insurance coverage?

Being insured through someone else’s malpractice policy doesn’t guarantee you will be a priority or receive personal coverage when you need it the most. When considering the value of having your own individual professional liability insurance policy, ask the following question:

  • Does your employer's policy clearly name you as an insured?
  • Does your employer's policy have a deductible?
  • Does your employer's policy have sufficient limits of liability in the event of a catastrophic case?
  • Do your employer's interests in settling a case clearly align with your personal and financial interests?
  • Are you certain that your employer's insurance company will provide you personally with legal representation?
  • Are you certain that your employer has insurance or that it has not been compromised without your knowledge?
  • Have your employer's limits been eroded by other claims?
  • Do you ever provide professional service outside the workplace as a volunteer, a Good Samaritan, or part time?
  • Will your employer cover you for a Licensing Board Complaint?