When you work for yourself, you assume full responsibility for your professional activities and the activities of your employees. If you have a business name, this can be included at no additional premium charge.

Do you cover groups?

Groups up to 30 professionals may apply online. If your group employs more than 30 professionals, please call or email TRMS for details.

What is an Employee?

Anyone you hire and provide a W2 Form for tax purposes is considered an employee. When listed as an insured, employees are covered only for acts performed on your behalf as an employee of your practice or organization.

What is an independent contractor?

Any person contracted by you who receives a 1099 Form for tax purposes is an independent contractor. Your coverage protects you against claims against you caused by the negligence of a contractor or subcontractor while working on your behalf. The Policy, however, does not provide coverage for claims made against the independent contractor, if the independent contractor is not specifically added as an insured to the policy.

Why do I have to pay to list independent contractors on my policy?

A charge applies for each independent contractor added as an insured to your policy. You may list independent contractors on your policy if they do not carry their own Professional Liability insurance.

Why must my independent contractors carry their own coverage?

Having an independent contractor in your practice increases your exposure. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure they are insured.